Max-Link Adventure Sports Club has joined hands with AEROCHUTE INTERNATIONAL to promote aerosports and sell Powered Parachutes in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. AEROCHUTE INTERNATIONAL is one of the leading Powered Parachute manufacturers in the the world and is based in Australia. It was founded in 1989 and specializes in the design and manufacture of powered parachutes for the European Fédération Aéronautique Internationale microlight category. The Aerochute products have been approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia. Their extensive knowledge of aerosports, use of very high quality aviation standard materials in manufacturing and efficient backup of spare parts make them the company of choice for purchasing ultralight aircraft from. MASC feels very proud to be associated with AEROCHUTE INTERNATIONAL for being chosen as the distributor of their products in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Hummerchute Specification

The latest powered parachute being manufactured by Aerochute is called HUMMERCHUTE. It has a Roatax 582 and MZ 202 motor and has increased lifting performance, whilst being safe and stable. With more power, more seating space and advanced mechanical and safety features, this is one of the best and safest ultralight aircrafts available in the market for aerosports aviation. Below are some of the specifications of this amazing machine:

  • Side By Side seating
  • Anti Stall & Anti Spin
  • Hands-free flying
  • Easy to transport


  • Speed : 50-60 kmph
  • Max wind speed : 15 Knots (28 Kmph approx.)
  • Max operating Temp : 40°C
  • Rate of Climb : 1000 ft. @360kg is approx. 3 mins
  • Runway required : 150 mtrs
  • Noise level : 76 dB
  • Preflight setup time : 5-10 minutes
  • Propeller : 3 blade composite
  • Running gear : 8″ rear wheels


  • Empty weight : 118 kgs
  • Max cockpit weight : 240 kgs
  • Fuel capacity : 46 litres

Power Plant

  • Engine : Roatax 582 and MZ 202
  • Horsepower : 65 hp
  • Fuel : Unleaded petrol mixed with 2 stroke engine oil (50:1 mix ratio)
  • Carburetor : Dual


  • 34 square meter canopy
  • Anti-stall design
  • Anti-spin design
  • Material – Double Ripstop Nylon


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