The BAT HAWK is the world’s most affordable micro aviation aircraft designed and manufactured by Micro Aviation SA. It comes with a Rotax 912 4-cylinder engine which deliver a power of 100 hp. It is a high wing monoplane with the crew of two seated side by side and due to it high propeller position it can also be called a proper bushplane. It is a very versatile and high performance aircraft. The Bat Hawk is a very versatile and no-frills aircraft, designed to do the job with cost in mind. This aircraft is reliable, practical and is a very forgiving aircraft to fly. The Bat Hawk is a solid work-horse which will not let you down. It has unrivalled visibility and is fun to fly!

Max-Link Adventure Sports Club has also joined hands with MICRO AVIATION SA to promote aerosports and sell Micro Aviation Aircrafts in India. The Bat Hawk has been designed and developed by MICRO AVIATION South Africa as the most affordable micro aviation aircraft in the world. The aircraft complies with the ASTM2245 Build Standard rules and regulations. It features a strut-braced high-wing, a two-seats-in-side-by-side configuration open cockpit, fixed tricycle landing gear and a single engine in tractor configuration. As a conventional 3-axis micro aviation aircraft, the Bat Hawk does not rely on pilot weight shift to affect control. Twin seats are positioned side by side for full dual control and both crew members are well protected from the weather by an aerodynamic fibreglass pod and large wrap-around windshield. The Bat Hawk’s cockpit is very similar to that of a helicopter with excellent forward visibility as well as to both sides. MASC feels very proud to be associated with MICRO AVIATION SA for being chosen as the contract manufacturer and distributor of their aircraft in India and Asia

  • Side by side seating
  • Dual 3-axis controls
  • Comprehensive Instrumentation
  • Multi-role aircraft


  • Max Speed : 85 kts (157 kmph approx.)
  • Cruise Speed : 77 kts (143 Kmph approx.)
  • Patrolling Speed : 45 kts (83 Kmph approx.)
  • Stall Speed : 38 kts (70 Kmph approx.)
  • Vne : 92 kts (170 Kmph approx.)
  • Take off distance : 60 m
  • Landing Roll : 70 m
  • Rate of Climb : 1500 ft/min (Sea Level 1 up)


  • Empty weight : 260 kgs
  • Useful load : 280 kgs
  • Max Take-off weight : 540 kgs
  • Fuel capacity : 80 litres

Power Plant

  • Engine : Rotax 912 ULS (4 cylinder)
  • Horsepower : 100 hp
  • Fuel : Unleaded high octane petrol or aviation fuel
  • Carburetor : Dual


  • Overall length : nose to rudder TE 18.19 feet (5.544m)
  • Length : propeller plane to rudder TE 17.40 feet (5.304m)
  • Undercarriage wheel track : 5.42 feet (1.652m)
  • Main wheel size : 8.00 x 6.ins
  • Nose wheel size : 4.00 x 4.ins
  • Wingspan : 9.50m
  • Height : 3.20m


  • Wing fabric : Tensional Dacron sailcloth
  • Frame : Corrosion resistant aluminium alloy
  • Brace wires : Stainless steel
  • Front windshield : Glass fibre composite
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