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Powered Parachute Joyride

Flying in an aeroplane is a very common thing in today's world. It is really amazing how a metal tube designed aerodynamically just flies in the air with so many people. However, do you get a tingling feeling in your stomach when you fly this way now ? At least we don't because the feeling and the sensation that you get in adventure flying is unparalled. Flying like a bird has been man's greatest dream. When you fly in a Hummerchute, you are sitting in an aircraft which is completely open giving you an almost 360 degrees bird's eye view of the space above and the world below. You feel the wind in your face, the birds flying in front of you and the beauty of nature from above. The experience is one that get imprinted in your mind for a lifetime. This kind of aviation is also called pocket aviation as it is relatively cheap to own, easy to transport and easy to fly.

How it's done?

The Hummerchute is an aircraft which has a powerful engine mounted on a 3 wheeled carriage. It is a propeller driven aircraft. It has a fixed seat which carries the pilot and the passenger sitting side-by-side. The aircraft flies with the help of an overhead ram air parachute which is attached to the Hummerchute.

Safety Features

Seat straps which secure you to the seat. Under no circumstances you will unstrap yourself mid-flight. The Aerochute ram-air parachute is a very safe and collapse resistent wing because of its rectangular design and has an overall load carrying capacity of upto 360 kgs. Each parachord of the parachute has the ability to bear loads of upto 950kgs. The engine is among the best in the aviation industry. From a height a landing can even be done with the engine switched off.

Flying Sites

1. Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
2. Mumbai, Maharashtra (only for prebooked groups of 15 joyriders or more)



Following are the standard joyrides and the charges per person per flight. For longer duration flights and/or group bookings please get in touch with us.

  • This is a pilot controlled joyride flight. The climb to the desired height takes about a minute and the rest of the time is used to glide within the permitted airspace. This is the bestseller in our offering and is a takeaway experience.
  • 7 minutes flight
  • This is a pilot controlled joyride flight. The climb to the desired height takes about a minute and the rest of the time is used to glide within the permitted airspace. This flight gives good airtime experience.
  • 12 minutes flight
  • This is a pilot assisted joyride flight. After a small briefing before take-off the pilot can let you take the wing controls in flight and assist you to fly. This is a memory to carry forever of having controlled an aircraft in flight.
  • 20 minutes flight

Bat Hawk Joyride

We have just ventured into micro aviation and it will take us quite some time to set up a joyride infrastructure for it. Any progress on it shall surely be updated on our website.

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What is the age limit for a Joy ride?

5 years old to 90 years young. Should be medically fit.

I have never done adventure flying before. Should I be afraid?

No, you don't have to feel scared. This is a slow flying aircraft where you feel you are sitting in a gently flying seat. The take-offs and landings are very smooth.

How high do you fly?

Depends primarily on the weather conditions. We normally fly upto a height of 1000 feet.

What should I keep in mind before coming for a Joy ride?

Wear clothes according to the weather however, ensure that you are adequately covered. Get plenty of water and light food. The flying sites are normally away from habitation and you would be exposed to the sun. You would also need to empty your pockets and keep your phones away befor going for the flight.

Is there any running involved during take-off and landing?

No, there is no running involved. The aircraft has a fixed seat which you are strapped to and the undercarriage has wheels which assists in take-offs and landings.

Are there any risks in this sport?

This is an adventure sport and though this is termed as the safest aerosport in the world however, risks should always be considered. We take all the safety precautions and moreover we do not fly at all if the conditions are not favourable for flying. Our equipment is imported and is aviation standard and certified. Our pilots are knowledgeable and highly experienced.

Do you provide transportation to the flying site?

No, currently we do not provide any transportation. However, if you have a large group (15 people and above) and want our assistance for transport then we can arrange it at an additional cost quoted by the transport provider. The transport cost would be separate from the group flying charges quoted to you.

How many joyriders can fly in one flight?

The aircraft allows only one passenger along with the pilot in a single flight.

Are there any formalities to be completed before taking the flight?

You need to sign a Joyrider indemnity bond just before taking the flight. Please read and understand the indemnity bond carefully and make an informed decision on the risks.

What do you consider as your flying season?

The flying season starts from October and goes up to the month of May.

How do I book for a flight?

Please call us on the number given in the contact section to know the flight schedule on your preferred days. Payments can me made by Bank Transfers in case of advance bookings and cash/cashless payments onsite in case of walk-ins.

What are the services that you offer?

We provide Powered Parachute and Powered Paraglider training and joyrides. We are also stockists of flying accessories and adventure gear that you can buy from us. We also provide services for aerial photography, flower shower, banner and flag towing and bride/bridegroom entry flights(if it is possible to fly there).

Where are your flying sites?

We have our flying sites at the following locations. We are also working towards expanding our flight operations to other locations in India.
1. Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
2. Mumbai, Maharashtra (only for prebooked groups of 15 joyriders or more)

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