How can I reserve my seat at Sky Lounge?

The experience is subject to various external conditions like weather and Max Link retains to complete rights to cancel, postpone or reschedule the sessions. The decision of the site safety officer will be final in this regard.

Are there any restrictions to avail this experience?

Min height of 140 cm, Heart conditions, etc.

Can disable people enjoy the Sky Lounge?

Depends on the assessment of your special abilities by our safety officer.

What all is covered in the experience ?

5/7 course meal based on the session at a height of 150ft in the air.

How many people can a table accommodate ?

Max 24 people will be booked their seats

What is the duration of each experience ?

Minimum 45 – 60 mins its depending on choose session

What happens if some guests come late ?

Guests are required to reach the location at least 15 minutes in advance. Guests that fail to report within time will not be allowed to board.

Is the Sky Lounge experience safe ?

Yes. We follow all the guidelines as given by the IS 15475. The platform is designed in accordance with the European standard EN 13814. All of the lifting tackles and safety equipment are rated for their respective international safety standards.

What happens if the session is cancelled ?

Depending on the reason of cancellation, our team may book your seats on a different time slot. Decision at the discretion of our site staff and safety officer.

What happens if it rains at the time of my session ?

Rains do not affect the safety of the lounge or the occupants in any way. It may cause inconvenience in the dining experience and the safety officer will take a decision with regard to continuation of the session.

Can I customise the menu ?

Only if you are booking the entire session for a special event.